We are keeping the camps small this year – I am aiming for about 15-20 people max (about 6 tents)

I worked out the prices before the troubles started in  Eastern Europe. Please pray for peace to prevail.


It looks like there may be further increases to food, fuel etc. so I need to keep a close eye on the situation.

As a result, the mentioned prices are a guide.  I may have to increase them if food etc start increasing. I will let you know if I need to increase and by how much. Hopefully things will stabilise.

    Watlington:  Mayday weekend

 Friday 29th April to Monday 2 May packing up after breakfast



Friday 29th April- Monday 2nd May


Adult                   £28 per night inc 3 meals


11-16 yr old         £14 per night inc 3 meals


5-10 yr old             £7 per night inc 3 meals


 Under 5                 £2 inc 3 meals



Friday 27th May - Sunday 5 June packing up after breakfast

We hope to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee on site

Adult                   £32 per night inc 3 meals


11-16 yrs old.      £16 per night inc 3 meals


5-10yrs                  £8 per night inc 3 meals


Under 5yrs             £3 inc 3 meals


Extra car.               £2

As you know on the Community Camps I don’t draw wages.


There will be a donation box on each camp where people can continue to give towards the running costs of the Outdoor Group.


Struggling financially?

If you are struggling or on benefits, please talk to us confidentially and we see what we can work out. We do have the holiday fund club where you can pay in weekly etc. We really want to help people have a holiday.