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Aims of The Outdoor Group

The Outdoor Group aims to get people together from all walks of life. Our focus is to provide cost effective  weekend and longer camping holidays, with day activities in the winter months . We want to be community to one another and support each other as we venture out and about.


The Outdoor Group started with a vision to reach out to people who were struggling to take holidays, whether for financial reasons, lack of confidence or just needing a community environment. I shared the idea with our Vicar at our Church and he encouraged us to follow the vision God had given in the summer of 2012. We were warned that there was no money or help to get us started, but to go for it, with lots of encouragement and enthusiasm.

The camps have been growing and diversifying ever since. We started with 3 camps in the year, from Easter to the end of the summer holidays, but this has grown. We now provide camps for other local Churches, a homeless charity in Watford and a camp for families in our son's class. In 2016 interest grew in providing private and commercial camping, so it was decided that a Community Interest Company should grow out of the original idea, in order to reinvest profits back into the the Community Camps. As the commitment grew to provide more camps throughout the year, it became harder for us to provide all these on a voluntary basis.


What we do

The Outdoor Group provides opportunities for people to enjoy short camping holidays and learn new skills in the great outdoors.

People from all walks of life can enjoy time away, sharing fun, laughter, chores and exploring new areas in a Community atmosphere. The Group gives people the opportunity to take time out of their normal routines to think and take 'risks' in a safe environment.

During the winter months we enjoy day walks and cooking a roast dinner over an open fire (often in the rain or snow).

In the Spring and Summer we go under canvas and enjoy camping

Tents (from 2 - 8 berth)

Basic self inflating sleep mats

Sleeping bags for hire

Cook tent with a full working kitchen

Event Shelters (to accommodate about 25 people)

Food (cooked breakfast, picnic lunch and cooked dinner)

Private Camps

We can provide camps for people on a commercial basis for families, Church Youth Groups, Schools, Friends, Buisneses or anyone who would like to have a camp set up for them to enjoy.

Equipment  provided



Checking in times:





On Leaving:


Please vacate your tent by 10.00 unless prior arrangements have been made.

Tents must be swept out by occupiers before leaving.

If you are staying for the day of your departure, we will try and find somewhere to store your kit but we cannot guarantee it.


Camp duties:


Everyone is expected to be involved in washing up and cleaning.




08.00 breakfast

18.00 dinner

After breakfast there will be an opportunity to make up a packed lunch to take away from the ingredients provided.

We will try to publish the menu in advance but please note that this is not always possible.


Kitchen rules:


Food is only available at the stated times.

The kitchen is out of bounds for campers.

You cannot cook you own food in the kitchen.

Please note:


Outside of the above mealtimes food will not be available and you will need to make alternative arrangements. This is for all campers (including children) and also applies on your day of arrival.

Unfortunately, we are not able to keep food warm or delay meal times.

Missed meals will still be charged for.

Please only take the main meal that you ordered on the booking form (meat or veggie option – not both). If there are left overs, you will be invited to help yourself.




A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

Full payment is required a minimum of seven days before the camp start date (unless agreed in advance with Tony).

Failure to meet these requirements will result in cancellation of your booking and the loss of deposit payments.

If finance is an issue, please speak to us in confidence.


Please remember that the Outdoor Group Camps are run as community activities for the enjoyment of all

Lunch Time on a Camping Holiday arranged by The Outdoor Group




Saturday 6 January walk

Saturday 17 feb-24 cottage holiday

Saturday 16 March walk

Friday 5 april - Sun 7 april family bushcraft days and camp at Berkhampstead

Friday 3 may - Monday 6 May
Camping Watlington Oxfordshire

Saturday 25 May-sat 1 June
Camping in Normandy France
(Bookings now closed)

Friday 19 July to monday
22 July camping at Berkhampstead


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