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We’re talking gas now!

Have any of you bought Calor or Camping Gaz recently?

For example, a 13kg propane refill is now £35

The camping Gaz 907 which is about 2kg is £29.99

We have been looking to reduce cost over the last few years as gas has been a major expense. Last year we spent £360 on gas!

We were made aware of a company called Safefill where you buy the bottle, and you can refill it at LPG pumps at petrol stations (note: not all stations allow refilling, but the number is growing).

The bottle has a 10year life expectancy.

A 10kg bottle costs £186. It costs about £10 to fill it each time - a major saving on Calor. We have bought 4 - a special offer on eBay from a company in Somerset tempted us - nearly £40 saving per bottle.

I worked out it will take about 2 years to recover the cost of outlay but the long - term savings outweighs this.

The bottles are also half the weight of Calor so we will be saving on fuel costs as well.


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